Kissimmee Kitchen

To be a regular partner and have scheduled usage, you will need the following:
  • State License (which you can get after joining the facility) 
  • Food Handling Permit
  • Insurance

Monthly Membership

  • Starting @ $100 per month.  Includes first 10 hours each month.
  • $10 per hour each hour of use after your first 10 hours are used.
  • hours not used will roll over to next month;  no hours paid for are wasted.

Food Truck or Hot Dog Cart
  • $350 due before inspection.
  • only $20/hr for kitchen time as needed.

If your business will use the kitchen over 10 hours per week, you will receive a discounted rate.  Security deposit is separate:  $300.
Daily and weekly rates also available.  If there is a better rate plan for your business, let us know.  We will be happy to consider it. 

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