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This link is for the Department of Agriculture and Division of Food Safety.  They regulate the following food products:
  • baked goods
  • pre-packaged goods 
  • wholesale food products
  • non-catered food services
  • non-meat products 
If you don't see your product here, call them.
Department of Agriculture

Learn more about getting licensed from the state agency DBPR.  They regulate personal chefs, catering companies, & food trucks:
DBPR's License Info Page

You must take a food safety training class.  There are many companies that offer this state required class.  Here is one of them.  Find one company that fits your schedule. 

Food Safety Training Link

State Requirements for Getting your Catering License & the DBPR Application

Food Truck Info on the DBPR Website

This is a directory of commercial kitchens for rent nationwide:

An inspiring article for our kitchen

Doing research?  Check out this kitchen's site

Links for a list of farmers' markets in Florida:
Local Farmers' Markets

Fresh from Florida's List

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